The Parrot Incident

from journal 1.26.1010

“Forty-five seconds in, my heart begins to pump faster, my legs prepared for yet another run. I round the corner, the last house in town, and a glowing green flash burns my retinas. Hmm.. what was that? Oh $#%&, what’s grabbing my head? I come to a halt, reach for my head and struggle to to pry this clawing, pecking object off. Ten seconds pass, it finally hits me; that lovely flash was an irrate Red-lored parrot. Ten more seconds pass. Me yelling, pulling at my feathered friend, who keeps clawing and pecking at my head. Finally, we break free from each other. I stand befuddled and look around for another human who hopefully witnessed The Parrot Incident. No one. Confused and with an irritated scalp, I continue on my run.”

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