The Bird Nerd Adventure

Road trip number…


That’s quite a few times to travel across the country within a few years.  This misadventure started in San Diego with Cholla, a fellow naturalist and bird nerd. Armed with binoculars, bird books, a dirty Honda Civic, and a love of, we set forth on a three week journey across the country.


Dancing Clark’s Grebes. Date shakes. Death Valley, stark landscapes of uninhabitable rocks. City of Sin, oh Las Vegas. The cutest Oak Titmouse in the world. A high speed off-roading expedition to see a juvenile Ferruginous Hawk. A lack of Lewis’s Woodpeckers.

Pelican Poop in La Jolla
Death Valley starkness
Death Valley Travel Van
Death Valley RV on road
Skyler in the golden field
Birds flying through the sky

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