Two sisters, a long highway

March 2011  

Road trip number 9; onward to the Lower Colorado River.  Call me crazy, but the open road breeds a feeling of newness and invincibility. Bringing someone along who hasn’t experienced it reminds me of the first time I trekked past my east coast roots. Wild open landscapes and the kindness of strangers.

My sister delights in the marvels along our way; Beale St., the ability to buy wine in gas stations (not a luxury we enjoy in Delaware), and the ever-changing landscape. West Texas calls, it’s been years since I’ve been to the ranch where I once herded cattle and fell in love with a family as kind as the giant open skies. The ten-mile dirt road takes over an hour and a half for the Midnight Rambler to conquer. Beautiful ghosts of the past shake my soul, as well as my car.

Relaxing cowboy style.
Relaxing cowboy style.
West Texas Horses at Miller Ranch
Downtown poses for a shot.
Jill and I take a leisurely ride around the beautiful ranch.
Jill and I take a leisurely ride around the beautiful ranch.
The stunning view from Brin's Mesa Trail in Sedona, AZ.
The stunning view from Brin’s Mesa Trail in Sedona, AZ.

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