Once upon a time on Paicines Ranch

Once upon a time, there was a magical ranch tucked neatly into the rolling valleys of California. On it, all living things worked together in a beautiful orchestra of community.  On those 7,000 acres of land, holistic grazing practices were put into place, birds, plants, and soils were monitored for biodiversity health, and the entire ranch was an open classroom for those with open minds to come learn. This place hosted researchers, artists, community gatherings, wedding events, and students of the world. This place isn’t just an ideal storybook, it exists; The Paicines Ranch.    

For one month, Keith and I had the fantastic opportunity to experience the cup-runneth-over warmth and community while offering our diverse skills of carpentry, photography, biology, and pot luck parties. Here’s a glimpse into once upon a time…

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